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Sugar Crush

By Dr. Rick Jacoby

Over the years, Dr. Richard Jacoby has treated thousands of patients with peripheral neuropathy. Now, he shares his insights as well as the story of how he connected the dots to determine how sugar is the common denominator of many chronic diseases. In Sugar Crush, he offers a unique holistic approach to understanding the exacting toll sugar and carbs take on the body. Based on his clinical work, he breaks down his highly effective methods, showing how dietary changes reducing sugar and wheat, coinciding with an increase of good fats, can dramatically help regenerate nerves and rehabilitate their normal function. Sugar Crush includes a quiz to assess your nerve damage, practical dietary advice, and the latest thinking on ways to prevent and reverse neuropathy. If you have diabetes, this essential guide will help you understand the dangers and give you the tools you need to make a difference beyond your doctor’s prescriptions. If you have the metabolic syndrome or prediabetes, or are just concerned about your health, it will help you reverse and prevent nerve damage.

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Dr. Jacoby received his undergraduate education at Rowan University in New Jersey, his post graduate education at Villanova University in Pennsylvania and attended medical school at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, graduating in 1969.

  • If you have DIABETES, this course will change everything for you!

  • If you THINK you are eating right as a VEGAN, this course will change your mind!

  • Learn how even carbs are not so great for you and what you can do about it!

Meet Your Mentor

Dr. Rick Jacoby

Dr. Richard Jacoby

Dr. Jacoby has won the Phoenix Magazine Top Docs Award on four different occasions (2003, 2005, 2008, and 2010) and he is the coauthor of the book, Sugar Crush: How to Reduce Inflammation, Reverse Nerve Damage, and Reclaim Good Health. Dr. Jacoby is a past president of the Arizona Podiatry Association, as well as the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. He specializes in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

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